Laravel AWS SNS Events
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The package comes with more controllers that will handle each service separately, so you should be implementing different topics for each controller.
You should create a controller that extends one of the package controllers that are displayed below, based on the service you want to get SNS notifications from:
  • \RenokiCo\AwsWebhooks\Http\Controllers\SesWebhook
  • \RenokiCo\AwsWebhooks\Http\Controllers\CloudwatchWebhook
  • \RenokiCo\AwsWebhooks\Http\Controllers\EventbridgeWebhook
A controller that will handle the response for you should be extended & registered in your routes:
use RenokiCo\AwsWebhooks\Http\Controllers\SesWebhook;
class MyAwesomeSesWebhook extends SesWebhook
* Handle the Bounce event.
* @param array $message
* @param array $originalMessage
* @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request
* @return void
protected function onBounce(array $message, array $originalMessage, Request $request)
// Unsubscribe the user from newsletter in case of bounce.
foreach ($message['bounce']['bouncedRecipients'] as $recipient) {
if ($user = User::whereEmail($recipient['emailAddress'])->first()) {
'subscribed' => false,
Route::any('/aws-sns-ses', [MyAwesomeSesWebhook::class, 'handle']);
Make sure to whitelist your route in your VerifyCsrfToken.php:
protected $except = [
// ...
If you have registered the route and created an SNS Topic, you should register the URL and click the confirmation button from the AWS Dashboard. In a short while, if you implemented the route well, you'll be seeing that your endpoint is registered.