EventBridge Events

EventBridge is supported for all aws.* sources coming within the message payload. You can implement your own methods just by creating a method similar to on[source_name]Event.
For example, you might have this EC2 Spot Termination notice:
"detail-type":"EC2 Instance State-change Notification",
Because the source is called aws.ec2, you should create an onEc2Event method within your extended class:
use RenokiCo\AwsWebhooks\Http\Controllers\EventbridgeWebhook;
class MyEventbridgeController extends EventbridgeWebhook
* Handle the EC2 events.
* @param array $message
* @param array $originalMessage
* @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request
* @return void
protected function onEc2Event(array $message, array $originalMessage, Request $request)
foreach ($message['resources'] as $instanceArn) {